Class’ favorite song

D-A-G-A. D-A-G-A. That’s the four notes I first learned strumming in my Daddy’s guitar when I was in high school. That’s the only notes I can play actually!haha. With the influence of classmates, almost everybody in class learned playing the song “Line to Heaven” by the Introvoys. Classmates bring their guitars in class. If only one of the guys’ alesis drum from guitar center is handy, he would definitely bring it in school. Then we will have guitar session while waiting for our teacher. The boys spend after class hours strumming their guitars and we join them in singing one of the class’ favorite song – “Close To Heaven” by Color Me Badd. Oh..those were the days. But the guys, they are still playing guitar and jam when their work schedule permits.

Thank you, Max’s Restaurant for the Instax

Friends in the digital scrapbooking world know that I wanted to work on my Project Life. I decided to do the digital one so it will be easier for me since I don’t have the time and resources to print the photos and other needed materials. As much as I wanted to catch up on my backlogs, all I have are photos. Moving forward is quite hard for me. For memory keeping with Nati, I am doing a photo-a-day of her but as usual, all photos are digital. Can I print those daily photos in the future? I doubt!

What could work for me is a polaroid camera so printing would be effortless. But getting one is not even an option for me. So forget about it!

Earlier tonight, Ace won a Fujifilm Instant Camera from the event in Max’s Restaurant that we attended. He has no idea what an “Instax” is but he was pushed to sing and dance like Bruno Mars when fellow bloggers were giddy when the host told Ace that he will give the Instax to him once he perform like Bruno Mars. So, no sweat! Ace got the Fujifilm Instant camera! Yay!

I can only imagine Nati’s daily instax photo. So happy here! No need to wait for overnight prints from because photo will come out instantly after being taken. Thank you, Lord for this blessing! Thank you, Max’s Restaurant for inviting us to your Bruno Mars bloggers night!

Buti nalang may baon na lakas ng loob at kapal ng mukha si ama Ace. Dahil sa fedora hat, sunnies, at sa sing and dance, may Instax na kami ni Nati! Thank you, Max's Restaurant! #likemaxs #maxsbrunomars

Bubble machine

Nati is five months last week. I and Ace are so busy packing our things hence we weren’t able to celebrate it with the fambam. Next time, baby! Seven months to go for her birthday and as early as now, I wanted to start planning. The excited Daddy has already a line up of what will happen during Nati’s birthday. I already have a mental picture of the decors and other details. It wouldn’t be grand but I wanted to make sure everybody will enjoy the party. From the previous children’s party that we attended, I noticed kids and kids at heart are enjoying the bubble shower. Not sure what are we going to have during Nati’s birthday but if bubble machine at guitar center will not really cost me a lot, I would love to get a bubble machine. I’m sure there will be people who wanted to rent it out in the future.


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