Medical mistake

About six years ago, at past 2 in the morning, 2 medical technologists entered my late mother’s hospital room. Mamang was half asleep then and one of the medtechs asked Mamang what is her name. Quite irate, Daddy told the medtech “can’t you not read the name tag on the bed?”. The medtech explained they need to ask the patient of his or her name to confirm that she/he really is the patient. That way, medical mistake will be prevented such as getting a blood from a wrong patient and labelling it wrongly, administering medicine to the wrong patient, or worst, conducting blood transfusion to the wrong patient that could lead to death!

Medical mistakes is possible. So as much as possible, doctors should be very careful. Also, it is hard to find doctors who handle the same cases. I could imagine it’s a total headache! But here comes man’s bright ideas! Proximity was developed. It’s a database of doctors so if you are looking for Thomas Schneider MD, you’ll easily find his records online thru proximity.


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