Sweet “pamangkins”

with Ella and Eman

Spending the night with my loves!

Say cheeettttt! (Say cheese!). Taken early this month on the night of Ella’s birthday. I miss these kids already! I wish baby Sendong is also here so all my most-loved “pamangkins” are complete. Glad my sisters share their kids with me and Ace and didn’t deprived them of spending time with us. The kids are the sweetest! I get hugs and kisses from them – simple joys! Just can’t resist to spoil them and be their attorney (especially with Ella). I like this experience of being with my “pamangkins” and spoiling them because I never experience being that close to any of my maternal and paternal aunts when I was growing up. Maybe because I have lots of cousins and it would be unfair for any of us to be an aunt’s/uncle’s favorite niece. These two knows how to sweet-talk to me. And the stage tita can’t just say no when I know I can give in to their request. Ella knows what to ask during her birthdays or special occasions while Eman usually requests to borrow my iPad or “white iPhone” (as he calls it). When these kids will grow bigger, I’m sure what they’ll ask will also be bigger and more expensive like behringer xenyx 802 at wwbw - a mixing console used by DJs. Ohhh….I wish Tita will have money to grant their requests.


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