Barking like crazy

Past four in the morning. While the world around me is in dreamland, I am here in our sofa “barking” like crazy.

I and Ace were done with work an hour ago. We had a long day both offline and online so you would really know how excited I am to hit the bed and finally have a restful sleep. Few moments after we’re in bed, my throat began itching and I started coughing nonstop. I don’t want to disturb my sister, BIL and their kids in their sleep (they’re spending Friday nights here at home) so I decided to go out of our room and stay here in the living room. Ace was very kind to accompany me here and kept himself busy despite the fact that he’s tired and sleepy. Thank God for loving husbands!

Now I hope this seemed to be allergic cough would stop and allow us to doze off later. I’ve already worn my bonnet, applied a liberal amount of vicks vaporub in my throat, chest, and back. Oh, how could I forget I also applied a small amount in my feet before putting on my socks?

Oh cough! Why are you so inconsiderate? Why do you always want to attack me when it’s my time to sleep?


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