Failed gym membership

There was a nice offer for group membership in a known gym in the city. Some colleagues invited us to join them. Ace and I would love to BUT we don’t know if we can find time to go to the gym considering that travel time is almost 1hr from our place. I am so interested with the Zumba classes (though I can do it at home) and the thing that pushes me to register is the unlimited use of sauna. Having a sauna once a week would be good so that’s what I am looking forward to do if ever we join the group. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it. We forgot about it on the day that we are supposed to pay for our membership fee with some colleagues. In short, we’re not that too interested with going to the gym.LOL.

So what’s next with our goal to a healthy lifestyle? Ace discovered a nice track for brisk-walking or jogging early in the morning or late afternoon near our place. He tried jogging in that place once and I wanted to join him next time. I didn’t know he has plan of going out for a jog a couple of hours after I went to bed quite annoyed because I was supposed to search the web what is lovegra? when google is acting up that time and won’t load a page. He claimed he has no plans in going out that morning but since he wanted to check the place, he went out for a jog without me tagging along.  


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