I lost weight

Friends complimented me for gaining weight that started a couple of years ago. It’s music to my ears because I’ve been skinny most of my lifetime. Gaining few pounds calls for a celebration because finally, I don’t look so thin. Dear body must love compliments that it grew bigger. A couple of inches was added to my waistline and I started to panic. I don’t eat that much – I am not that voracious. If I am full, then I stop eating regardless if the food in front of me is worth dying for. So my weight gain is not a result of too much eating but of my metabolism getting slow as I age and because of my sedentary lifestyle.

Losing those extra flabs is one of my concerns months ago. But when Ace started working from home, and we are turning the night into day, I started to lose weight. I thought it wasn’t that obvious but a friend noticed it and complimented me for losing weight. She even asked me what I did to lose weight. No secrets actually. I just don’t eat in between meals (merienda) at times. Since we go to bed just when the roosters of the neighbors start crowing, we usually miss one meal a day. So our first meal is during lunch then dinner.

Yesterday, another friend told me I lost weight and asked me how I did it because she’s been trying to trim down yet nothing happens. Lucky me because I don’t have to take those slimming pills and learn more about side effects of diet pills. I just don’t eat whatever and whenever I want. Another reason might be because of staying up late. It’s exactly opposite to what they say that staying up late can cause obesity. If I don’t discipline myself then maybe I would have gained too much because I am awake most of the time which means I have more time to eat.


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