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Back to online job

Got a message from my first online job employer asking if I wanted to join the group again. That’s interesting but I have to consider my free time. So maybe it is better if Ace would take the job instead of me. Ace is somewhat interested. He can work on it anytime because we have […]

Motorbike on haitus

Ace’ motorbike is not used for weeks now. Since he quit his day job, he isn’t using his motorbike anymore. Oh, he got it for his transpo going to work and now that he’s based at home, the motorbike has to take a rest. Had he been using that until now, I bet he would […]

Processed, not edited

The first thing that Ace uttered when he saw my birthday layout for him is “in-edit mo ito?” (you edited this?)” referring to his photo. What do you think? Hmmm.I don’t edit photos but I process (which I seldom do) in Lightroom. Edit is different from Process dear. So anyway, here’s the unprocessed and processed […]


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