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New house, new internet subscription

We are moving soon.and we will be relocating our internet connection for the 3rd time. Internet connection is our bloodline so we BADLY need it anywhere we live. Ace is looking at the possibility of applying for a new account under his name so it can be installed immediately before we move in. We will […]

Net is back

Thanks goodness internet is back! I thought I would be sleeping early tonight because we don’t have net connection. There was a problem with the server since late this afternoon so that allowed me to be busy in the kitchen and watch TV. Though I am happy that I was enjoying my time offline, I […]

Pre-paid internet

Wow, I can’t believe I missed so many things online! We still don’t have a permanent internet connection here at home. I am just using a prepaid plug-it connection from Smart and it’s costing me a lot because it is 20 pesos per hour (around $.50 per hour)! So during afternoons when I need to […]


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